About the Quiz:
The AWR Deep Impact PG quiz on Hernia & AWR Surgery is an opportunity for young surgeons to shine in their own right amongst the industry stalwarts - both national and international - who will be in attendance at the AWR Deep Impact Conference, March 24 and 25th, 2023.
The quiz will be competitive, novel, interesting and most importantly - a memorable experience for all participants.
Winners get to take home high yield online education subscriptions, cash prizes, surgical instruments and the opportunity to be crowned in front of world’s biggest hernia surgeons.


  • You will compete as individuals in the PG Quiz (not as a team)
  • Individuals participating must be PG residents (MS/DNB/FNB/MCh)
  • Non-Residents are eligible to participate in prelims but cannot be a part of finals/win prizes
  • Each participant in the quiz must be registered to attend the Deep Impact conference (Subsidised subscription availabl for residents)


All the rules will be explained in person during the quiz but, do remember - The Quizmaster's decision is final
Contact info:
Dr. Vinayak Rengan 9941275775
Prof. Naveen Alexander 9840631372